User Agreement


All kinds of products and / or services offered at and from this website are the property of Lokum Games exclusively and on its own, unless otherwise stated or understood from the nature of the work. When users, members and visitors make use of any products and / or services, games and other services which are offered by and which are copyrighted by Lokum Games, they will be considered to have carefully read, understood and accepted this User Agreement and will be deemed to have been informed about their obligations herein and committed to comply with them. Users who have the will not to accept the provisions which are subject to this agreement or the procedures and principles of use of the products and / or services offered on this site should leave the site and they should not make use of the products and / or services offered on the site and should not make any attempts or requests to do so. Otherwise, it is accepted and applied that the user has submitted his/her will of acceptance which is subject to this article to Lokum Games. In this agreement, the right and authority to do any amendments or updates on its own from time to time for any reason such as taking into account the properties possessed by the Products and / or services offered in the website, and innovations or changes that are applied to them or adding new product and / or service types to the website is exclusively owned by Lokum Games, and any such changes or modifications in question shall be deemed to have entered into force as of the date of its publication on the website. By using this site, the user hereby agrees and undertakes that he / she will follow and get information about the amendments or innovations of the contract in question here and the amendments made shall enter into force in a binding way as from the date of publication on the website without the obligation of notifying him/her about the changes that were made.

Without limitation to this, the term of Zula Gold acquired by the user from the website is one year from the date of purchase. The right and authority to restrict in part or in whole or to end the right or authority to use the Zula Gold which is not used in the acquisition of the other products and / or services or any other disposal related to them within the said period of validity, in the event that they are offered in the website or by means of this website shall belong exclusively to Lokum Games. 

The term “Lokum Games” is used to describe Lokum Oyun Yayıncılık ve Pazarlama A.Ş. (Lokum Oyun Publishing and Marketing Inc.) and the phrase Lokum Games is the exclusive brand and trade name of Lokum Oyun Yayıncılık ve Pazarlama A.Ş. (Lokum Oyun Publishing and Pazarlama Inc.). Users or any third party declares, accepts and commits not to use or let use this phrase or any other elements that subject to publishing on this website without the written permission of Lokum Games, except for the exceptional provisions of Decree No. 556, Law No. 5846 and Law No. 6102, in any personal or commercial activity regardless of whether it is the purpose of generating income or not, and not to support such actions or initiatives, not to acquire any other products and / or services provided under the aforementioned uses or within their scope, in the event that he/she acquires them, he/she will not use them in the website or in connection with the products and / or services offered on the website, otherwise, it will present the right and authority to use any legal, technical or administrative measure or restriction on user accounts or transactions to Lokum Games.

Lokum Games has the right to make any changes in the game accounts of the users during the test stages which are called KBT (Closed Beta Test) and ABT (Open Beta Test) that will be carried out for Zula.

1. General
Any kind of games, content, material, documents, information, graphics, designs, products, in-game accounts, in-game products, e-mail services, software, updates and other similar services without limitation to them offered by to the users, members and visitors are legally protected by local and international Intellectual Property Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law and other related laws and conventions, and all material and non-material elements, assets and / or subjects listed in this article are actually and exclusively the property of Lokum Games. Lokum Games has the right for any disposal on these assets. Lokum Games has the right to discontinue, change or not to continue, in whole or in part, all products and / or services or all products and services it offers under the game services temporarily or permanently. In such a case, the user and / or the players shall not be entitled to claim any claim and / or compensation right of any kind under any name whatsoever against Lokum Games. The users, players, consumers or site visitors know and agree that all of those listed here are the sole property of Lokum Games. With this notification, any persons who use, make use of, benefit from or try to Access the games provided by Lokum Games and any other services directly or indirectly associated with them shall be deemed to be aware of any personal undertakings and responsibilities thereof. Users, members, consumers and / or site visitors declare that they accept this Agreement as well as the Privacy Policy of Lokum Games. Thus, the aforementioned persons undertake to comply with the relevant laws when they make use of the Lokum Games services and they undertake that they will be solely responsible for all acts and actions against the law at this point; they agree that they will not be entitled to recourse to Lokum Games in any way for any aforementioned reason.

If the products and / or services offered by Lokum Games on this website are used in violation of these terms of use, Lokum Games shall have the right to temporarily or permanently terminate the access of users, members or visitors to these services through the website. In the event that Lokum Games makes such a disposal, the user and / or the players shall have no right to make any objection. In such a case, the user shall be responsible for the destruction of any material, including the licenses entered in the possession of the user during any service offered through Lokum Games.

Users and members cannot transfer, allow to use the passwords, user names or any other rights granted to them to benefit from Lokum Games services to other persons, or make them subject to onerous or voluntary trade; they may not make any claims against Lokum Games in relation to the results of the actions and / or processes in the contrary direction. Users are solely responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure the security of the user name or password access means provided to them or created by them in order to benefit from the products and / or services offered on this website and ensure that they are not seized by 3rd parties, and are solely responsible for the consequences of such actions and transactions alone and in whole. The users or players know and accept that the account information in the games presented by Lokum Games and the in-game characters generated within the accounts and these characters do not have a commercial or material value. The player or user knows and agrees that all kinds of products and / or services or games offered by Lokum Games and any related services do not have a property with a consequence of fortune or chance.

The user accepts and undertakes that the information and contents such as any user accounts he/she created to provide access to the page and to benefit from Lokum Games products and / or services, and the nick names, profile pictures, names-surnames, age, region, registration information, gender, favorite games, friends list, rank etc. included by these accounts are in a nature that is viewable and accessible in searches made by 3rd parties in the context of search engines and website content, in accordance with confidentiality principles of Lokum Games.  

The user declares that it will comply with the rules in the “User Penalty List” which was previously determined by Lokum Games and in return, accepts the sanctions to be realized by Lokum Games against the negative behaviors he/she will have on the page, in Lokum Games services and on any platform where Lokum Games is entitled. In cases where it deems necessary in the “User Penalty List”, the Lokum Games reserves the right to make changes without any notice but by publishing on the website and accepts and undertakes that all amendments or updates made to it in this way shall fall due for cognition as of the date of publication.

All the characters contained in the ZULA game, which is the Lokum Games service, are imaginative and can contain accidental similarities with real people. When using the products and / or services offered on the site, the users accept and undertake that they will not use any names, signs, symbols or logos that violate any right of any third party, particularly the intellectual property rights, that they will not act or behave in violation of the rights and entitlements of third persons or organizations, that they will not carry out illegal acts or transactions, and that in case of detection of a contrary situation, Lokum Games has the authority to apply any kind of temporary or permanent measures related to the users and their accounts. 
2. Conditions
Any application, game, service, product or code or other data submitted, published, played and / or downloaded via shall be used in accordance with the Intellectual and Industrial Property Law and the related laws and international conventions, and subject to the terms of use mentioned herein.  

In order to benefit from the products and / or services offered by Lokum Games or any other content listed in this contract, the users and members must have the necessary infrastructure and other equipment. The provision of such requirement is the responsibility of the user / player. Lokum Games has no responsibility in this regard. Any drawbacks caused by service providers, infrastructure or the user related to the Internet connection is solely the responsibility of the user or the member. In the event that any of the products and / or services offered on the website by Lokum Games or any other content listed in this agreement is used, the time and frequency of using the service will be determined by Lokum Games according to the existing number of users, duration and other data. To ensure the safety of users and / or players' accounts they use while enjoying Lokum Games services, the highest possible technological measures will be employed by Lokum Games. It is the common acceptance and consent of the parties that the players and / or users are firstly and directly responsible for ensuring the security of their accounts and in the case of unsafe account security problems occurring otherwise, they will have no right to demand against Lokum Games. In the event that the game accounts and / or any elements in these accounts are temporarily or permanently lost or become unusable due to the technical reasons that may arise during the submission of any games, products and / or services or other content and related services offered or published from the Site, Lokum Games cannot be held responsible for the situation in question and its result.  

When benefiting from the services offered by Lokum Games, advertising, unfair competition, terrorism, correspondences related to the republic, government, religion, racism, drugs, politicians or other judicial correspondence, pornographic content, the use of slang words or uses containing behaviors harassing other users or constituting an insult to the spiritual memory of the Atatürk is forbidden and are contrary to the rules of this agreement. In case of such use, the user may be deprived of access to services by Lokum Games for a temporary or permanent period of time, and the relevant contents of such user may be shared by Lokum Games with the official authorities and departments upon request. Lokum Games shall be solely responsible for the removal of the contents against the law from the relevant accounts or website contents, to the extent permitted by the technical means, and shall be irresponsible to the respective account holder for their application in this manner. For the same reasons, user information may be shared with local telecommunication authorities, courts, prosecution authorities or in police units based on lawful applications. In the solution of the disputes arising from the use of the products and / or services offered by Lokum Games, Istanbul Center / Çağlayan Courts and Istanbul Execution Offices shall be authorized.

In connection with website and the services and / or products offered by this site or with other content, giving information and making introductions by e-mail and / or SMS by Lokum Games and 3rd parties or enterprises which are business or Project partners of Lokum Games to the member / user regarding new products / services, promotions, campaigns and similar purposes shall be considered to be made within the knowledge and acceptance of the user / member. By using the products and services of site, site and its users accept that the e-mails and SMS notifications or promotions subject to this article are made with their consent and permissions in a way that will not constitute violation of personal data or unlawful storage, offensive advertising, unfair competition or marketing. The notifications subject to this sub-paragraph can be made using the contact information declared by the user in order to benefit from the products and / or services offered on the site and / or by their request and will during the registration process. If the users do not want to receive the notifications subject to this sub-paragraph, they have the right and the possibility to leave the aforementioned notification list by selecting the option to leave the notification list or by clicking the link offered for the same purpose in accordance with the applicable legislation.

3. Payment
All kinds of transactions made through the site and the transaction fees are the user's disposal and responsibility. Among the options for payment transactions offered by the website, the user may use the one he / she has decides and deems appropriate. The user personally has the obligation to ensure that the payment alternative option is in compliance with the technical and procedural rules to which it is subject. The products and / or services offered on the site are in a nature that is instantly conducted and delivered in electronic environment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection and Distance Sales Regulation, and the user has the right and opportunity to withdraw in respect of these products and / or services.

In the case of transactions made with the Virtual Pos / Credit Card payment option, the credit card information requested on the payment page of the user is not kept in or the servers of the companies giving service to it in order to provide the highest level of security of the users shopping at the website. All transactions of the user related to payment in this way are made between the bank and the user computer via the  interface and the service provided by Lokum Games for these transactions is limited to the one described here.

All credit cards and personal information of the user is encrypted with SSL Secure system which is internet security standard. In this way, obtaining this information by the unwanted persons or institutions in any way is prevented during the user’s internet roaming. Lokum Games is not liable for compensating the damaging results caused by the user's payments from the website. In the solution of the disputes arising from the implementation of this agreement, Istanbul European Side Courts of Justice and Execution Offices shall be authorized and the books and records of Lokum Games have been accepted as exclusive evidence for the resolution of disputes arising from the implementation of this agreement.

The authority of the games on the website to control the age of the players and to decide on this issue belongs to the players. If the age of the user is below the legal limit, it is recommended that his/her legal representatives ask the suitability of the game he/she has chosen to play for their age group and play or continue to play the game with their approval. It is a legal requirement for the user to be in the full legal age to make transactions in the sale and acquisition of any means acquired for use in the game contents offered on the site, and those who cannot fulfill this requirement are advised to perform the related transaction and acquisition under the authorization and supervision of their legal representatives and the relevant procedures are considered to be carried out in this way.

Privacy Policies

Our privacy policies are implemented at and in all other sub-domains and sub-sections linked to the name of this domain and its entire content.

When member users and visitors are connected to the aforementioned website, the computers they use can only be read over Lokum Games in a way that can only be read by Lokum Games. All kinds of information obtained in this way will be used only by Lokum Games and in no case will be used to cause harm or damage to the user, visitor or members. Also, if it is achieved in this way, data or information is not transferred or sold to third parties, or allowed to be used in any way. However, this information can be processed in the statistical data collection without being personalized. It is not possible to monitor or store or use any other web-based activity of users, members or visitors. declares and undertakes that the personal passwords, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers and other similar information of its members, users or visitors will not be published, distributed or promulgated by Lokum Games in any way.

As long as there is no legal proceedings or demand in the legal framework, will not share with other people and institutions any kind of information entered by the member, user or visitors due to using website. The personal data security and confidentiality that Lokum Games provides during the service it offers to its members, users or visitors is limited to its own site. The personal data security and confidentiality that Lokum Games provides to its members, users or visitors is limited to its own site.

The users, visitors or members declare that the e-mails sent to them by Lokum Games for informing and reminder purposes are their consent. However, contact information in this context cannot be shared by Lokum Games with other individuals or organizations. In the games offered by Lokum Games, admins and moderators possessing the authority of the administrator can review the data of the users, visitors and members such as their e-mails, IP, player names and passwords in order to ensure that the game can be easily played by other users, but they cannot forward them on to any other person other than Lokum Games authorities. Lokum Games is not responsible for the content and effects of ads made through Lokum Games. Lokum Games reserves the right to change and update its security policies. The users, members and visitors declare that this information is notified by themselves and that they are aware of and accepted these policies and the changes and amendments thereof. These security policies are intended to ensure that the security of only the users, members, and visitors is provided when they benefit from the services offered by Lokum Games.